PVP Roundup: Week of Apr. 17

clan pvp

Leo C. spent over ten hours in the DZ with 22 kills. The clan got a total of 24 kills in the DZ this week.

Here's a complete rundown of who did what in the DZ between April 11th and April 17th, 2024.

PVP Summary
Member Time in DZ DZ Kills Conflict Time Conflict Kills
Leo C. 10h 4m 22
Koragg 1h 59m 0
Garry 1h 26m 2
Terry 42m 0

Due to how player kills are reported in the API, there is no way to eliminate environmental player kills in PVE from DZ kills, so those may be included in the DZ Kill count.

Leaderboard of the Week

Clan Leaderboard for Supply Drops Captured pvp-20240417-supply-drops

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