PVP Roundup: Week of Mar. 26

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Leo C.spent over three hours in the DZ with six kills and Alex D. spent an hour in Conflict with 13 kills.

Here's a complete rundown of who did what in the DZ between March 20th and March 26th, 2024.

PVP Summary
Member Time in DZ DZ Kills Conflict Time Conflict Kills
Leo C. 3h 14m 6
Terry 1h 45m 2
Alex D. 1h 30m 10 1h 1m 13
Psyk 50m 0 13m
JT 40m 0
Liam 1m 0

Due to how player kills are reported in the API, there is no way to eliminate environmental player kills in PVE from DZ kills, so those may be included in the DZ Kill count.

Leaderboard of the Week

Clan Leaderboard for SHD Agents Defeated pvp-20240326-shd-defeated

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