Gaming Digest: Week of Mar. 31

clan gaming-digest

Last week we had 43 clan members actively playing in the Division 2. Here's a weekly summary of what clan members have been spending their gaming time for the week of Monday, March 25th through Sunday, March 31st.

Game Players Hours
The Division 2 43 528.4
Helldivers 2 11 75.9
Fall Guys 5 13.0
Warframe 4 33.5
ARK Survival Ascended 3 73.4
Ghost Recon Breakpoint 3 14.0
EA Sports FC 24 3 11.2
Skull and Bones 2 116.8
Rise of the Ronin 2 71.1
Rocket League 2 11.4
Genshin Impact 2 1.4

Only games being played by more than one person for a combined time of two hours or more are shown. Other than the data for The Division 2, time will not reflect game time when player status is set to "show offline." Also stats for games other than the Division 2 include some friends of the clan. Times for games other than the Division 2 are approximate.


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