About Us

About The Rat Blastards

We're grown-ups who love playing the Division 2 and enjoy each other's company. Most of our members are based in the U.K., but we've got folks in other countries in Europe, and some in North America. As a group, we mostly do cooperative play, but some agents are experimenting with a bit of PVP on occasion. We almost always use headsets and speak English, though it may not be a first language. Being good at the game isn't nearly as important as being a nice person with a sense of humor.

What We Do

The majority of our time in the Division is spent doing PVE activities together. We've got one scheduled raid run a week. A few of our members do enjoy venturing into the Dark Zone as well as a bit of Conflict. Some of us actively shepherd and matchmake so we can help others outside of the clan. There's also a bit of dabbling with hardcore mode too.

History of the clan

The core founding members have been playing online together for almost twenty years, starting on desktop computers and through three generations of consoles. When it came time to make a clan in any game, our go-to name was "The Rat Bastards." These days, that kind of corrupting language is blocked by our robot overlords, so we've selected this current family-friendly title.

With the Division 2 and its shepherding and matchmaking features, the clan has grown quite a bit from that small group of old pals. Now it's an ever increasing circle of friendship and cooperation. Heck, currently we've got enough members for a clan raid!

Our Guiding Principles

R - Relaxed
A - Amicable
T - Team player

B - Being communicative
L - Learning
A - Adult
S - Supportive
T - Tolerant
A - Active
R - Respect for others' feelings
D - Dependable
S - Sense of humor

We're always looking for new members that share our values. If you're interested, here's how to join.