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Exotic Gear and Weapon Quest Guides

Below are links to guide on how to obtain exotic weapons or gear.

Gear and Weapon Reference

Raid Guide

World Tier Guide

Hunter Mask Guides

Vendor Info

Collectibles & Trinket Guides


  • Rat Blastards Discord is the heart of our community. Participation on the Discord isn't required to be a part of the clan, but it is strongly suggested, as it's a great social hub.
  • Rat Blastards web app is a page optimized for mobile devices showing who is playing and who has been active recently. If you make a home page shortcut, it will behave like an app.
  • Division 2 Map is a web site and mobile app which is a great resource for finding collectibles and such. There's an in-app purchase to allow you to save what you check off and it's cross device.
  • The Division 2 Builds tool is a useful tool for toying with a dream build and for doing detailed sharing of builds.

Other Games

Here's a list of other games we play together, and which members and friends are active on them. Contact Alex if you'd like this updated with other social games.

Short Links

We've got a bunch of short links that are easier to share on the PS4 since less typing is involved. They all start with

  • - Our main web site
  • - Our Discord page
  • - The Ubisoft Division 2 server status page
  • - Our Rat Blastards app
  • - Leaderboard link
  • - Leaderboard link
  • - How to Join guide
  • - Member guide
  • - Gear and weapon reference sheet
  • - Our technical issues Trello board (covering stuff with the clan digitial infrastructure.)

Last Updated: November 4th, 2023