Clan News

Dave (NY) got to his 1000th SHD level last night, and he captured the moment in all its glory. Video below the fold.

Dave (NY) shared a link with me with a video guide for the NY hunter masks, something I have yet to chase myself. I've added it to the guides page, or you can watch it below the fold.

TJ, our resident trophy hunter and video maker, recently released three new videos focusing on some of the trophies available in the Warlords of New York expansion, including one that shouldn't really be obtainable for several weeks. But it is!

TJ and some clan members tackles the new Coney Island missions on challenging difficulty, and he's made videos. Episode 9 includes a wonderful enemy spawn glitch that requires us to wipe.

Clan member TJ recently made videos of clan runs on the heroic versions of the Manning National Zoo and Tidal Basin. Both runs went pretty great.

Clan member TJ has been very busy making videos showing how to get trophies in the offsite missions. Members of the clan feature prominently.

Not new, but I thought I'd archive this amusing (and aurally enhanced) moment here for anyone who didn't see it, or for future clan members.