Clan News

It's week ten of Dave B.'s number one streak, with over 82 million XP earned. David (UK) took the second place spot with almost 21 million XP, followed by Dirk with almost 16 million XP.

The clan secured a silver weekly clan reward cache, mostly due to so many folks doing hardcore mode, which is pretty bad for XP. The clan is currently ranked #512 out of all clans in terms of total clan XP earned.

Dave B. continues with his unrelenting streak, with a top listing in the clan leaderboard for the eighth week in a row, with almost 81 million XP earned. Ghost took the second place position with close to 40 million XP, follow by Dirk with 36 million XP.

We collectively earned a gold clan reward cache and are currently listed as #513 out of all clans for total clan XP earned.

Dave B.'s first place streak continue for the eighth week, with almost 101 million XP earned. Taking second place and a spot on the board for his first time, was David (UK) with over 29 million XP. And keeping with our theme of names starting with the letter 'D', Dirk was in third with almost 23 million XP.

The clan earned a gold weekly clan reward cache but slid one spot on the overall clan rankings, to position #516. I blame all the Hardcore.

It is week 7 of Dave B.'s hold on the first place slot on the weekly clan leaderboard, with over 102 million XP. Dirk took the second place spot with over 20 million XP, followed Mike with almost 12 million XP.

Dave B.'s impressive streak continues for week six, as he is yet again on top of the weekly clan leaderboard with almost 128 million XP. Dirk came in second with over 39 million XP, followed by Patric with almost 14 million XP.