Clan News

I've put up a beta stats page, which is currently generated manually but will soon be automated. The page can be found from the site menu.

There's daily, weekly and lifetime stats for clan members. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

I've added some links to our guides page:

I've also updated the raid planning page to indicate we've paused regularly scheduled raids for the moment.

I've added and changed a few things on the site, recently.

Our clan continues to grow, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping people informed and in-touch with each other. Sadly, there isn't one good, canonical tool to use. But we've got a few options in a few places.

Three new guides are linked to from the guide page. We've got a link to a good raid boss guide for the real raid. There's a guide for obtaining the Merciless exotic rifle (tl;dr: kill hyena named bosses, either bounties or Jefferson Plaza mission.) For our members trying to get to to world tier 5, or members helping those members, there's a guide with the requirements for each world tier.

There's now links to two guides for obtaining hunter masks, and the chance of ivory keys that drop with them, on our guides page. If you don't have them yet, be sure to get to world tier 5 and a good build, and maybe take a few clan mates or friends with you.

The site is most of the way there. I'm pretty happy with it. Feedback is welcome. The front page will eventually include recent items from the news section, but that's not quite working.

Any issues, suggestions, links or love and praise can be sent to AngriestAlex on PS Messages or email angriestalex AT