Clan News

Here's some more fabulous pictures from Amy (Turpinator1986).

Check out all the great four legged members of the Rat Blastards on our new mascots page. If you've got a pet, send me a picture via PS Messages, Discord, Facebook or even email (alex AT

Links to the mascots page can be found on the roster or on our guides page.

More great pictures of D.C. from Amy (Turpinator1986).

Amy, a.k.a Turpinator1986, enjoys doing a bit of picture taking in D.C. that we all patrol together. Here's some of her latest work.

From Rat Blastard headquarters, best wishes for this holiday season to you and yours, straight from my M60 heart.

TJ caught this picture of a flare launch during a recent Camp White Oak mission run.

Feeling festive before tidal basin.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy this noble death, courtesy of Wally.