Clan News

Dave (NY) shared a link with me with a video guide for the NY hunter masks, something I have yet to chase myself. I've added it to the guides page, or you can watch it below the fold.

Dave (NY) shared a link with me to a more current Google sheet reference that has detailed and generally up-to-date information about weapons, gear, commendations, mods and other useful info. I've updated the guides page to use this link.

We've got a new terminology guide available on our guides page. This resource is meant to help newer agents who might not be sure of what the heck some of us are talking about. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff, so send me suggestions and I'll update it.

Check out all the great four legged members of the Rat Blastards on our new mascots page. If you've got a pet, send me a picture via PS Messages, Discord, Facebook or even email (alex AT

Links to the mascots page can be found on the roster or on our guides page.

I've been working on a discovery raid guide for a bit, and there's enough there to be helpful to our clanmates who are heading into the raid for the first time. I've added it to our guides page. Sadly, it's not yet complete, but I'll continue to update it for the remaining three bosses.

If you're hunting for a gold necklace or a toy car, here's a link to some good places to look.

And if you're looking for tools, like a hammer, hex wrench or a screwdriver, go search the lockers at the Metro Ruins control point.

Three new guides are linked to from the guide page. We've got a link to a good raid boss guide for the real raid. There's a guide for obtaining the Merciless exotic rifle (tl;dr: kill hyena named bosses, either bounties or Jefferson Plaza mission.) For our members trying to get to to world tier 5, or members helping those members, there's a guide with the requirements for each world tier.

There's now links to two guides for obtaining hunter masks, and the chance of ivory keys that drop with them, on our guides page. If you don't have them yet, be sure to get to world tier 5 and a good build, and maybe take a few clan mates or friends with you.