Season 3 Begins


Today Title Update 11 is released, and with it, the start of Season 3: Concealed Agenda. Ubisoft's official patch notes are excellent and worth a read, but here's a short summary of what to expect.

  • The manhunt starts immediately with the update. Once again we will hunt down four rogue agents before going after the primary target Bardon Schaeffer.
  • The Summit activity will be available. There will be 100 randomly generated floors of ever increasing difficulty.
  • Changes for how loot is rolled to avoid “rainbow” rolls.
  • There is now a discovery mode for Operation Iron Horse raid.
  • Appearance mods will allow you to transform the way gear looks.
  • Gears mods will now be universal, meaning slots on gear no longer have a color/type code. Use any gear mod you want in any slot.
  • New gear set: Hunter’s Fury - an offensive gear set specializing in aggressive close combat.
  • New directives: “Fragile Armor” replaces “Hard to Earn” and “Scavenged Skills” replaces “Cool Skills”.
  • New brand set: Belstone Armory - a defensive brand set primarily focused on self-sustain and efficient repairs.
  • New weapons, including a new named weapon and new exotics.

There will also be the usual seasonal events as the season progresses, including global events and an apparel event. For details, see the patch notes.

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