With the release of the discovery mode for the new operation Iron Horse raid, it's time for the clan to give it a go. I've very arbitrarily selected Saturday night for our attempts, but we can adapt and adjust to make sure it can work for anyone who wants to participate. We also will look to put Dark Hours in the mix when we've got folks wanting to do that. The raid clock on the home page shows exactly when in your local time the raids are scheduled for.

I'll be sending out weekly invites on PS Messages to any clan member who's been on within the week prior. If you are not interested, or only interested in a specific raid or mode, just reach out and I'll respect your preferences. Right now my main desire is to be inclusive. Details on how we plan our raid runs is in our raid planning guide.

Since Iron Horse is new to most of us, here's a well done visual guide to review, which is for the full version of the raid. The discovery mode won't have all the mechanics, but presently I'm not sure which ones are adjusted.

I will update this post with further guides and references. If you know of any, let me know on Discord or via PS Messages.

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