Roster Update Sept. 9

clan roster

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastard, Dirk (SciFiGuy). Dirk has almost 3,300 hours of time spent in the Division 2! We're lucky to have such a committed agent join our ranks.

Seven inactive agents were delisted and placed on alumni status. So we now have 32 clan members, of which 21 are active.

More details below the fold.

The following members were delisted for inactivity:

  • Arngee (ArngeeeViews)
  • Tom _(BiggyBruce)
  • Jason (DjaisenBoy)
  • Kero (kerozon83)
  • Bruce (kfcchickenman8)
  • Quinn (MightyQuinn2013)
  • Griz (Vallravnn)

Dirk's current build:

Dirk's current build

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