Raid #53 Results

clan raid

Raid #53 was a full raid run of Dark Hours on Saturday, March 19h. It was a successful run, and completed in a bit over 90 minutes, with Paul and Evo getting their Eagle Bearers. Our newest clan member Haku joined us, and his raid experience was quite evident. Encounter progression went very quickly, with most of the encounter time occuring with Razorback.

Below are our timings per boss encounter, as well as video clips.

Time per encounter for Dark Hours
Area Total Time (Successful Run Time)
Boomer 16:36 (4:43)
Hangar 6:25 (3:06)
Buddy & Lucy 10:19 (1:47)
Razorback 50:03 (21:32)
Total Raid Time 1:33:47

Links are to video highlights of the successful run of each encounter.

Participating members

Raid 53 Participants From left to right: Ice, Patric, Kirk, Alex, Evo, Haku, Colin, Paul

Video of the clan raid #53 is below.

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