Raid #49 Results

clan raid

Raid #49 was a full raid run of Dark Hours. This was our first successful full raid run as a clan! We completed the raid in less than two hours, but alas, no one secured an Eagle Bearer. However, the following night we did a successful pick up full raid run and Colin got his Eagle Bearer thanks to Flat Mike, and Ice was lucky enough to loot his very own as well.

Below are our timings per boss encounter, as well as video clips.

Time per encounter for Dark Hours
Area Time
Boomer 13:55
Hangar 12:01
Buddy & Lucy 11:57
Razorback 1:03:23
Total Raid Time 1:50:13

Links are to video highlights of each encounter.

Participating members

Raid 49 Participants From left to right: Paul, Matt, Leo, Evo, Alex, V (in front),Colin, Patric

Video of the clan raid #49 is below.

On the pickup raid on the next night, the participants were:

Video of Sunday's pick up raid is below.

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