Raid #46 Results

clan raid

Raid #46 was a clan Discovery run of Iron Horse, with Dirk and Ron being new to the raid. We had one wipe in the Foundry as folks learned some of the symbols, but after that brief stumble things went smoothly, in spite of my rather spotty instructions.

Below are our timings per boss encounter, as well as video clips.

Time per encounter for Iron Horse
Area Time
Lt. Gray 2:08
Foundry 20:02
Forge 13:48
Train 16:10
Total Raid Time 1:48:28
Participating members

Raid party From left to right: Mike, Ron, Nesh, Alex, Dirk, Bas, David (UK), Patric

Video of the raid is below.

Watch Rat Blastards Discovery Raid #46

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