Raid #45 Results

clan raid

Raid #45 was a clan Discovery run of Dark Hours. This was Ghost's first complete raid run, and things went very smoothly, with no wipes. We completed the raid in about 56 minutes, a vast portion of which was me yammering on. Thanks to all the Rat Blastards who participated.

Below are our timings per boss encounter, as well as video clips.

Time per encounter for Dark Hours
Area Time
Boomer 3:56
Hangar 2:31
Buddy & Lucy 1:41
Razorback 14:24
Total Raid Time 55:45

Links are to video highlights of each encounter.

Participating members

Raid 45 Participants From left to right: Mike, Patric, Paul, Alex, Ron, Ghost, Bas, Ant

Video of the raid is below.

Watch Rat Blastards Discovery Raid #45

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