Raid #44 Results

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Raid #44 started out being a clan Discovery run of Dark Hours, but after a very quick successful completion, we opted to take on a Discovery run of Iron Horse. We had three clan members, Mike, Nesh and Patric, who hadn't run either raid before, and everyone did a fantastic job. We completed Dark Hours in an hour, and Iron Horse in 91 minutes. The runs went quick with the exception of my needless instructional blathering. Many thanks to those Rat Blastards raid vets who took the time to participate and make this a great experience.

Below are our timings per boss encounter, as well as video clips.

Time per encounter for Dark Hours
Area Time
Boomer 3:23
Hangar 2:27
Buddy & Lucy 2:06
Razorback 10:37
Total Raid Time 58:45
Time per encounter for Iron Horse
Area Time
Lt. Gray 8:49
Foundry 7:30
Forge 13:21
Train 15:27
Total Raid Time 91:00
Participating members

Raid party for Dark Hourse From left to right: Nesh, Dave (NY), Mike, Bas, Alex, Ron, Patric, Paul

Raid party of Iron Horse From left to right: Paul, Mike, Dave (NY), Alex, Nesh, Bass, Patric, Amy

Video of the raid is below.

Watch Rat Blastards Discovery Raid #44

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