Raid #34 Results

clan raid

Raid #34 was a clan discovery Iron Horse raid run. The raid started about 10 minutes after the scheduled start and was our first successful completion of the new raid. Total raid session time was about two hours.

Time per encounter
Area Time
Trainyard 3:45
Forge 9:18
Foundry 14:04
Train 32:43
Complete raid time 1:48:17

The run went very smoothly, with a few wipes on the last segment, as that part was new to almost everyone. Amy and TJ helped us get past the still novel Foundry segment and TJ's guidance on the final segment with the train was great.

Participating members

Raid party From left to right: David (UK), Ant, Dave (NY), TJ, Alex, Bas, Leo, Amy

Videos of the raid is below.

Watch Rat Blastards Discovery Raid #34

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