MVP: Week of Jul. 8

It is week 7 of Dave B.'s hold on the first place slot on the weekly clan leaderboard, with over 102 million XP. Dirk took the second place spot with over 20 million XP, followed Mike with almost 12 million XP.

With so many of us spending time taking on hardcore mode, our weekly clan XP output has dropped a bit. We are still climbing up the clan rankings, now at the #515 spot out of all clans for total XP earned. However, for the first time since August 20th, 2020, the clan only secured a silver weekly reward cache. Though, that week's low performance was due to a clan leaderboard bug. Prior to that, March 5th, 2020 was the last time the clan really earned a silver reward cache until now.

However, this is just because of hardcore mode. We're still active and having fun, and that's all that matters. And honestly, on hardcore a silver reward cache is awesome.

Clan leaderboard for the week

Current clan ranking