Busy Week Ahead


There's a lot going on in the Division 2 this week. Today starts:

On a sad note, the Dark Zone XP cheese has been patched, so that's no longer a thing.

With regards to the Outguard apparel event, we have until January 11th to earn the apparel event keys, giving us four weeks to earn the 24 keys of the event. You start with one key, and an additional key is earned every fourth SHD level. Season pass holders get 3 bonus keys.

The Golden Bullet event is a new global event, and is the first to use the new "global event shop" where the stars you earn for doing the event challenges can be used to buy rewards. This allows you to select exactly what you want, instead of having a fixed reward track.

And of course, there's more league activities to do to get that league score even higher and secure all the rewards.

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