Clan News

Shawn was in first place this week, with almost 47 million XP. Dave B. wasn't far behind in second place with over 41 million XP. Dave P. earned over 29 million XP, securing the third place spot.

Once again, the clan easily earned the weekly gold clan reward cache. Our current clan ranking is 932. Great job, Blastards!

Today Title Update 11 is released, and with it, the start of Season 3: Concealed Agenda. Ubisoft's official patch notes are excellent and worth a read, but here's a short summary of what to expect.

Shawn, with almost 44 million XP, took the first place spot on the weekly leaderboard and earned two legacy apparel cache keys. Dave B. was in second place with 33 million XP and received a legacy apparel cache key. With almost 30 million XP, Dave (NY) was in the third place spot.

The clan earned a gold weekly reward cache, and is currently ranked at 937 for total clan XP earned.

Dave B. earned over 54 million XP, coming in at second place, just a little behind me with 58 million XP. Shawn had almost 40 million XP, securing the third place spot. Both Dave B. and Shawn were awarded a legacy apparel cache key.

The clan is now ranked 947 out of all clans for total clan XP earned. Great job!

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastard, Dirk (SciFiGuy). Dirk has almost 3,300 hours of time spent in the Division 2! We're lucky to have such a committed agent join our ranks.

Seven inactive agents were delisted and placed on alumni status. So we now have 32 clan members, of which 21 are active.

More details below the fold.

Shawn earned over 81 million XP this week, securing the top spot on the clan leaderboards. Dave B. came in second with over 60 million XP, followed closely by Westi, with almost 56 million XP. As per usual, the clan was rewarded a gold clan reward cache, and our clan is now ranked 966 out of all clans for total XP earned.

The Titan League event has started. As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. The base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challenging mission.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.