Clan News

Dave B. was once again in first place with over 84 million XP. Dave (NY) secured the second place spot with over 50 million XP, followed by Shawn in third with almost 46 million XP. The clan earned a weekly gold reward cache, as usual for this group of over-achievers. Good stuff.

The clan is currently ranked #869 of all clans for XP earned.

Dave B. once again came in first place with almost 67 million XP, followed by Colin with over 52 million XP. I was just a wee bit behind him with a tad below 52 million XP. So many active Blastards meant we earned a gold clan reward cache for the week. Great work!

The clan is currently ranked #881 for total clan XP earned.

With the release of the discovery mode for the new operation Iron Horse raid, it's time for the clan to give it a go. I've very arbitrarily selected Saturday night for our attempts, but we can adapt and adjust to make sure it can work for anyone who wants to participate. We also will look to put Dark Hours in the mix when we've got folks wanting to do that. The raid clock on the home page shows exactly when in your local time the raids are scheduled for.

Dave B. earned an impressive 76 million XP this week and came out on top of the clan weekly leaderboard. Dave (NY) was in third place with over 57 million XP, just a few million behind me in second place with 63 million XP.

The clan earned a weekly gold reward cache and is currently ranked at 907 of all clans in terms of XP earned.

The Wraith League event has begun. As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. The base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challenging mission. The theme for this mission are the missions that were involved in finding Wraith: Hyena missions in D.C.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastard, Chris (CMDRVEDEN). He's from the Netherlands, but currently living in Iceland. We had the great forture to cross paths with him during matchmaking in the Summit. You can peek at his current build below the fold.

With his addition and Jack's (ABICYCLERIDER) quiet departure, the clan now has 32 clan members, of which 21 are active.

Jacob earned almost 51 million XP, and secured the top spot on the clan weekly leaderboard. Dave B. was close behind in second with over 50 million XP. In third place with over 40 million XP was Dirk.

The clan earned a gold reward cache for the week and is currently ranked 925 out of all clans for XP earned. Well done!

The next target for season 3 is now available. Wraith activities are located in Hyena territories in D.C. For the next seven days or fifteen levels is double XP, which is great because the Last Resort apparel event has also started.

Dave B. earned 75 million XP and the top spot on the clan leaderboard for the week, as well as two legacy apparel cache keys. In third place, Dave (NY) earned 51 million XP, just a little bit behind me at 55 million XP, but enough for a legacy apparel cache key reward.

The clan earned a gold weekly reward cache and is currently ranked 931 of all clans for XP earned.