Clan News

Ron earned almost 73 million XP last week, putting him in the number one spot on the leaderboard and earning his last legacy cache key that I can award him. Leo was in third place with over 46 million XP and also won a legacy cache key. I was in second place with over 68 million XP.

We once again earned a gold level clan reward cache for all that glorious XP. The clan is ranked around 1,350 of over 120,000 clans for total XP earned.

Dave (NY) shared a link with me with a video guide for the NY hunter masks, something I have yet to chase myself. I've added it to the guides page, or you can watch it below the fold.

Based on the official, in game clan leaderboard, Westi came in first with over 49 million XP. Ron was third with almost 33 million XP. I was in between them with almost 46 million. However, the top spot would be Leo if he hadn't accidentally left the clan.

The Hill League event has started. As with previous league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills against a faction. This league event is all about True Sons.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Leo earned almost 58 million XP this week, and came in first place on the clan leaderboard this week. Paul came in third place with almost 39 million XP. I was less than million XP behind Leo in second place.

The clan earned a gold reward cache and is currently ranked around 1,350 of all clans in terms of PVE XP generated. Well done!

Dave (NY) came out on top of the leaderboard with over 64 million XP, earning himself two legacy apparal cache keys. Ron came in third place with almost 49 million XP, and secured a legacy apparal cache key as well. With close to 58 million XP, I was in second place.

And as is usual for this fine group, all clan members earned a gold reward clan cache. Well done.

I've put up a beta stats page, which is currently generated manually but will soon be automated. The page can be found from the site menu.

There's daily, weekly and lifetime stats for clan members. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.