Clan News

The Termite League event has begun! As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. Unlike the previous seasons, the base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challening mission. And also unlike previous league events, this one isn't faction specific.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Today at 6PM CEST / 5PM BST / 12PM EST the doors will open for Operation Iron Horse, the new raid. This raid will send eight agents into the United Ironworks to remove the True Sons.

There's the Race To World First promotion which drops free apparel events tied if for joining certain Twitch channels starting at 5PM today. Details about the raid and the promotion below.

Please welcome our two newest Blastards, Michael (rainbow--robin) and Jacob (rainbow--batman)!

They found out about us via Google search, and I'm glad they did.

With the two of them coming on board, we now have 42 clan members, of which 22 are active.

Update: Members who have informed me they have migrated to playing on PC have been dropped. We wish you luck, Tiz (T1Zz4rD) and Lee (FortuneDaze)!

Dave P. easily secure first place on the clan leaderboards for the week with over 48 million XP. Leo would be in second place with 45 million XP, but he accidentally quit the clan (again). On the official, in-game leaderboard I am second place, and Ron is third with almost 41 million XP.

Making an executive decision, Dave P. clearly earned his two apparel cache keys this week, and I'm awarding one key to both Leo and Ron.

Season 2, "Keener's Legacy" has begun, and it is free for all Warlords of New York expansion owners. This season operates much like the Season 1, except that the Season 2 Pass, which unlocks an extra rewards track, is an additional in-game purchase.

More details, including what the Season 2 Pass will get you, is after the fold.

Dave P. earned first place on the clan leaderboard this week, with an amazing 64.5 million XP. Colin came in third place with over 31 million XP, and I was just a bit ahead of him with a little under 40 million XP.

Legacy apparel cache key gifting is working again, so Dave P. got two keys, and Colin got one. I was also able to belatedly award keys to the MVPs from the last two weeks since gifting is fixed now.

Our clan earned a gold clan reward cache yet again, and we are currently ranked 1,321 for clan XP among all the clans. Nicely done!

Today at 9:30 CEST / 3:30 EST there will be a server maintenance and client update for Title Update 10 (TU10). Very detailed patch notes are available on the official Ubisoft site. The client update is 6.1 GB.

On June 23rd, Season 2 "Keener’s Legacy" will start. During Season 2, there will be a new manhunt, a new apparel event and a new global event, as well as two league events.

The new raid, "Operation Iron Horse" will be available for level 40 players on June 30th, followed a week later for the level 30 version. The discovery version will be available some time after that.

A summary of new exotics, weapons and talents, taken from the patch notes, is below the fold.

Let's all welcome our newest member, Jack (ABICYCLERIDER). Jack is a good friend of Leo and currently working his way up to level 40. I'm sure he will appreciate any help leveling up and getting to know members of the clan.

On Saturday, June 13th at 18:00 BST (London), our own Amy (turpinator1986) will be doing 24 hours of live streaming on her new Twitch channel for the Game Heroes event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

You can support and donate to the cause on her Game Heroes page. Many thanks to all those clan members who have already given. You can also support her by joining her online while she plays to help keep her awake and motivated!

More details below the fold.

Title Update 10 is scheduled to drop on June 16th. This update will contain a number of gameplay balance changes, as well as loot quality and generosity improvements.

Leo rocked the clan leaderboard this week, coming in the top spot with over 45 million XP. The rest of the leaderboard was Daves all the way down, with Dave (NY) in second with almost 39 million XP and Dave P. in third with over 31 million XP.

The clan earned yet another gold clan reward cache thanks to all our very busy active agents. Nicely done.

There's been no additions to or departures from our clan for awhile, and I think that's fine. There are a limited number of vacant seats, and I don't see any reason to actively recruit folks to fill those. I know personally it's a challenge just to find the time to run with our active members regularly. The remaining available spots in our clan are reserved for your friends or for great people you discover while matchmaking or shepherding.

Leo came out on top with over 52 million XP this week, followed by myself with 38 million XP, and Ron close behind me with almost 36 million XP. Sadly, the gifting of legacy cache keys isn't available currently.

We easily earned yet another gold level clan reward cache. Well done! The clan is currently ranked at 1,322 for XP for all clans, of which there are well over 120,000. We're slowly inching towards the top 1%.