Clan News

Dave (NY) got to his 1000th SHD level last night, and he captured the moment in all its glory. Video below the fold.

Leo came in 2nd place with over 78 million XP, followed by Jacob with almost 65 million XP. I managed to earn over 94 million XP, and got 1st place.

We secured a gold clan reward cache for our efforts, and are currently ranked in the top 1,200 clan for clan XP earned.

In an effort to improve our ratio of active members and to make some space for fresh faces, I've removed some inactive people from the roster.

The clan presently has 35 members, of which 21 are active.

Details about the cuts are below the fold.

With the apparel event and the league, I was hard-charging and earned first place, with over 111 million XP, a new clan record. Ron beat his own personal best with almost 106 million XP to earn second place. Leo came in third with over 88 million XP.

Once again, we earned a gold clan reward cache for the week. Great job everyone!

The clan is ranked at 1,193 out of all PS4 clans for total clan experience earned.

The Luna League event has begun! As with previous league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. Like the last season, the base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challening mission. The theme for this mission are the missions that were involved in finding Luna: all New York missions.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Ron crushed it again, with a little over 89 million XP for the week. Leo was third with a bit over 60 million XP and I was just a bit ahead of him with almost 67 million XP.

As usual for this group of amazing Blastards, we earned another gold clan reward cache. Fine work!

Ron once again is on top of the clan leaderboard for the week, with almost 77 million XP. Second place went to Jacob, one of our newest members, with over 59 million XP. Dave (NY) was in third with over 48 million XP.

The clan easily earned a weekly gold reward cache, yet again. Well done, Blastards!

The latest global event has started, and it involves enemies with energy shields that can only be damaged and destroyed with explosives, EMP bursts, or signature weapons. The good news: when you destroy the shield, the enemy explodes!

I finally got around to opening 147 apparel caches. Before starting on this task, I asked myself, "Could spreadsheets make this better?" And the answer, as always with me, was "yes." The following is a deep dive, with math, on how apparel cache drops don't work the way the developer says they do.

Ron broke the clan record yet again, earning an amazing 102 million XP! He is followed by Paul, with almost 59 million XP, and Dave with almost 51 million XP.

As usual the clan earned a gold clan reward cache for the week. Keep it up, Blastards!