Clan News

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Blastard, Sushi (BigKidSushi). Sushi is Ice's cousin and is living in Japan.

With Sushi joining us and Dave P.'s departure, we now have 32 clan members, of which 20 are active

Dave B. is on top of the weekly clan leaderboard with over 97 million XP. Miss Kitin is back in action and going strong, securing second place with almost 69 million XP. Leo took third place with over 62 million XP.

The clan earned a gold weekly reward cache and is now ranked #731 out of all clans for total XP earned. Nice work everyone.

Today our private PVE Ark: Survival Evolved clan server goes live at 2PM GMT / 3PM CET / 9AM EST. Ark is a survival / crafting / world exporation game with dinosaurs and technology.

If you'd like to joun us, here's is a guide on how to join our server. Any clan members or friends of clan members can contact me either via Discord or a PS message to get the password.

Dave B. was first on clan leaderboard this week, with 96 million XP. I was in second with 71 million XP, followed by Ant with over 38 million XP. The clan unlocked a gold weekly reward cache, and is currently ranked at #735 out of all clans for total XP earned.

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastard, Sean (Nevss2220). Sean is a long time friend of Leo, and it's thanks to Leo that Sean gave the Division 2 go. Right now he's finishing up with the WONY expansion, having recently reached level 40. I'm sure Sean will appreciate any help, gear and build assistance.

This week I managed to come in first place with over 56 million XP, followed closed by Dave B. with almost 52 million XP. Not far behind him was Leo with almost 51 million XP.

We earned a weekly gold clan reward cache and the clan is currently ranked #742 out for total clan XP earned.

Dave B. sits atop the clan leaderboard once again, with almost 99 million XP. I was in second with almost 46 million XP., followed by Dave (NY) with almost 39 million XP.

We earned our usual gold weekly clan reward cache for our combined efforts. The clan is currently ranked #751 out of clans in terms of total clan XP earned.

The Kestrel League event has begun. As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of combat goals. The base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challening mission. The theme for this mission are the missions that were involved in finding Kestrel.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.