Clan News

The developers were demonstrating the new Chameleon exotic Assault Rifle on the last State of the Game video. A quick summary and a video analysis follow.

On the state of the game, the developers revealed the entire talent tree for the new specialization, which is called Firewall. Dave (NY) shared a great link analyzing the tree and discussing details of this role. There are a lot of tank based skills in the specialization tree in addition to the flamethrower signature weapon. My summary and the video are below the fold.

Clan projects for the week of January 30th, 2020:

  • Complete Outcast missions
  • Eliminate Outcasts
  • Complete propaganda broadcasts
  • Complete projects
  • Loot crafting materials
  • Kill DZ rogues
  • Survive manhunts in the DZ

Dave (NY) earned the second place prize of a legacy apparel cache key, with over 12 million XP for the week. I have no idea how I got 20 million XP and first place.

A story trailer for Episode 3 has dropped, and from it we know the new specialization will involve a flamethrower. The mission will involve rescuing Vitaly Tchernenko from Aaron Keener and the Black Tusk. Also, Cleaners will be involved. The trailer is below the fold.

Last night’s full raid run was over two hours trying to defeat Boomer. We had some good attempts, getting him below half, but ultimately could not beat him. But we did improve and learn a few things.

Please welcome Marijan (SgtStoka), our newest Rat Blastard. He's from Croatia and some experience with the full raid run up to Razorback.

With Marijan joining us, we've now have 31 members, of which there are 19 active, 3 standby, 3 inactive, 4 reserve, and 2 emeritus members. Presently we've got one applicant, Robdabozz2017, under review as well.

Last night's discovery raid run started with six agents, but by the end of the tarmac, we had seven. Even being a seat short, we easily finished the raid in less than hour. It was Marijan’s (SgtStoka) first raid run with the Blastards, but not his first time raiding, and he did a great job.

We've got a new terminology guide available on our guides page. This resource is meant to help newer agents who might not be sure of what the heck some of us are talking about. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff, so send me suggestions and I'll update it.

Clan projects for the week of January 23rd, 2020, which actually work now:

  • Complete World Tier 5 missions
  • Complete Hyena missions
  • Eliminate Hyenas
  • Equipment looted
  • Items deconstructed
  • Conflict matches played
  • Skirmish headshot kills


Since last Tuesday's maintenance, clan projects and clan XP have been broken. The clan leaderboard was reset at that time but all scores are stuck at zero. And in spite of earning a silver clan reward cache, we did not get one. Today is the usual clan weekly reset and we did get a list of new clan projects, but it's still impossible to earn any clan XP, so there's little point in doing them until this issue gets fixed.

We're switching things up and taking them to the next level in terms of our raid runs. Wednesday and Saturday nights will be Discovery Raid runs and Sunday nights will be the Standard Raid. The time for all these raids is the same: 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET / 16:00 EST. I've added a countdown to the home page of the site to each of those.

The clan weekly reset usually takes place on Thursday, but after a recent server maintenance, it looks like this week terminated early and incorrectly. We received no reward cache and current clan projects and the leaderboard are all stuck at zero. Boo. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Here's some more fabulous pictures from Amy (Turpinator1986).

The scheduled raid run was such a great time that we ran a second run after the first with only six members and succeeded. Details of the second raid come after the summary of the scheduled raid run.

Check out all the great four legged members of the Rat Blastards on our new mascots page. If you've got a pet, send me a picture via PS Messages, Discord, Facebook or even email (alex AT

Links to the mascots page can be found on the roster or on our guides page.

Please welcome our newest member, Aaron (iAaroon_x). He's based in the UK and will soon be World Tier 5 and raid ready.

You've probably heard about Episode 3, gear/loot revisions and the new raid, but you might not be sure about when or what any of it actually means. Here's a quick summary with links to useful details about each.

Please welcome our newest clan member, Drew. He's based in the US in the mountain time zone, which ignores daylight savings time, which makes my GMT offset on the roster a bit more complicated. I can't wait for DST to go away, but I'm very happy to have Drew in our ranks.

I've been working on a discovery raid guide for a bit, and there's enough there to be helpful to our clanmates who are heading into the raid for the first time. I've added it to our guides page. Sadly, it's not yet complete, but I'll continue to update it for the remaining three bosses.

Clan projects for the week of January 16th, 2020:

  • Complete True Sons missions
  • Complete Outcast missions
  • Eliminate Outcasts
  • Complete projects
  • Craft items
  • Win Skirmish matches
  • Kills with grenades in Skirmish matches

This week Bas was in the number one position for XP for the week, followed closely by Foivos. As a group we earned enough XP to unlock a silver clan reward cache. Good job to all the Blastards.

Since they've added legacy apparel cache keys which can be gifted, I'll be rewarding the weekly MVP agent with a legacy apparal cache key as well. Enjoy, Bas.

Our clan continues to grow, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping people informed and in-touch with each other. Sadly, there isn't one good, canonical tool to use. But we've got a few options in a few places.

My wife and I returned back to Munich last night after a three night, four day trip to London. Believe it or not, our primary goal was to meet with a few fellow Rat Blastards.

Due to illness and several Blastards just returning from travelling, we didn't have the numbers to do a weekend raid run. We will try again soon.

The raid took place at 10:40PM at the All Star Lanes Holborn, which was a great venue in spite of the risk of ear worms.

Everyone welcome our newest Rat Blastard zombiewereld. His name is Bas and he's from the Netherlands.

Clan projects for the week of January 9th, 2020:

  • Complete world tier 5 missions
  • Complete propaganda broadcast events
  • Secure control points
  • Deconstruct items
  • Loot crafting materials
  • Domination wins
  • Earn Domination wildcard caches

This week Dave (NY) came out on top, followed by me, with Colin in a respectable third place. Even though we didn't knock down as many clan projects as last week, we still quite easily earned a silver clan reward cache based on the XP of our active members.

More great pictures of D.C. from Amy (Turpinator1986).

The raid run started at 9:15PM GMT and was a full clan member raid run. It was Sam's first raid attempt after just having reached world tier 5 the day before. We successfully completed the raid in 1 hour 13 minutes without any wipes.

Please welcome our newest member, Revinstyle (Foivos, pronounced Fee-vus). He's from Greece, but his English is quite good and his enthusiasm and great personality make for a fine fit in our crew. He's very much looking forward to the raid.

Clan projects for the week of January 2nd, 2020:

  • Outcast missions completed
  • Outcasts eliminated
  • True Sons eliminated
  • Projects completed
  • Equipment looted
  • Skirmish wildcard caches
  • Skirmish headshot kills

Once again, Westi came out on the top of the weekly leaderboard, followed closely by Dave (NY). We earned enough clan XP to receive a silver cache, thanks to the dedication of our active members. Good work, everyone.