Clan News

Dave B. is once again on top of the leaderboard, with an outstanding 109 million XP. I was a long way behind him with just under 50 million XP. Dirk came in third with over 34 million XP.

We earned a gold weekly clan reward cache, as usual. The clan is currently ranked #757 out of all clans for total clan XP earned.

Here's wishing all Rat Blastards and our extended circle of family, friends and fellow gamers all the best this holiday season.

For those clan members who have been active in the past 30 days, and who haven't already earned every legacy apparel key, you should be recieving a legacy apparel key from the holiday gift dispensing entity of your choice. The only technical rub is due to a bug I cannot send gift keys to members who haven't logged into PSN since the last server maintenance (which was Tuesday.) I'll keep an eye out and try to get the key out to every one I can. Don't be shy about asking if you haven't gotten yours.

Colin rocked the weekly clan leaderboard, coming in first place with over 102 million XP. Dave (NY) secured second place with a solid 75 million XP. I managed to get third place with 67 million XP.

As usual for our busy clan, we earned a gold weekly reward cache. The clan is currently ranked #763 for all clans in terms of clan XP earned. Well done, and happy holidays to all the Blastards.

There's a lot going on in the Division 2 this week. Today starts:

On a sad note, the Dark Zone XP cheese has been patched, so that's no longer a thing.

This week was incredible in terms of experience gained, thanks to a bunch of time spent in a “five directive, heroic” Dark Zone. On top this week is Dave (NY), with almost 154 million XP. I was in second with almost 126 million XP, followed by Colin with almost 101 million XP.

Yet another weekly gold clan cache was earned, and the clan is currently ranked #781 out of all clans for total clan XP earned.

The Viper League event has started. As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. Like the last season, the base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challening mission. The theme for this mission are the missions that were involved in finding Viper.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Dave B. was once again on top of the weekly leaderboard with almost 69 million XP. I was close behind with almost 67 million XP, followed by Colin in third with over 52 million XP. Needless to say, we all earned a weekly gold clan reward cache.

The clan is currently ranked #819 out of all clans for total clan XP earned.

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastard, Baron (BaronSanmdi). He's based in the U.S. and is in the mountain time zone. He found us via Google and Ice has run with him before.

Also returning to us is a Rat Blastard alumni Arngee, who sorted out his lack of a working Playstation by secure a PS5, lucky guy. He now has Warlords of New York, so he's got plenty to do while we all catch up.

And Ice has completed the probationary recruit period and is now a Rat Blastard's agent!

Raid #38 was a clan discovery Iron Horse raid run. The raid started about 20 minutes after the scheduled start as we filled seats and was our fourth and fastest successful completion of the new raid. Total raid session time was about an hour and half.

Dave B. came out on top of the clan weekly leaderboard with over 57 million XP. Colin was in third place with almost 38 million XP, less than a million behind me, with almost 39 million XP. As usual the clan unlocked a gold weekly reward cache.

The clan is ranked #827 of all clans for total XP earned. Amazing stuff.