Clan News

Amy, a.k.a Turpinator1986, enjoys doing a bit of picture taking in D.C. that we all patrol together. Here's some of her latest work.

Dave (NY) shared a link to a video that discusses some gear score changes that are coming down the pipe. I'll save you 10 minutes and summarize the details, because there's some good news.

Clan member TJ recently made videos of clan runs on the heroic versions of the Manning National Zoo and Tidal Basin. Both runs went pretty great.

The raid run started at approximately 9:20PM GMT. This was a full clan member run. It took 42 minutes to successfully complete the raid, with no wipes, which is a new record for the group. We weren't even trying to go fast...

Please welcome our two newest members, turpinator1986 and sublime-flurry. Both are still leveling up to world tier 5, and I'm sure will appreciate any help you can give either of them. TJ is friends with Turp, and I did a shepherd run with Sublime.

If you're hunting for a gold necklace or a toy car, here's a link to some good places to look.

And if you're looking for tools, like a hammer, hex wrench or a screwdriver, go search the lockers at the Metro Ruins control point.

Clan projects for the week of December 26th, 2019:

  • Deconstruct items
  • Loot crafting material
  • Eliminate Hyenas
  • Complete Hyena missions
  • Secure control points
  • Complete Conflict matches
  • Earn Domination wildcard caches

Westi was on top the week's leaderboard by a generous margin. The clan did well chasing the week's projects, and managed to get 60% completion, more than enough for a silver reward cache.

From Rat Blastard headquarters, best wishes for this holiday season to you and yours, straight from my M60 heart.

The raid run started at 9:12PM GMT, with Dave (NY) filling in an empty seat. This was a full clan member run, yet again! It took 61 minutes to successfully complete the raid, with no wipes, in spite of a close call with Buddy & Lucy.

Please give a warm Blastard welcome to kerozen83, a friend of misskitin. Kero is now our 24th member, bringing our current active members to 16. I also was told that some of our emeritus members will become active soon, and may try the raid.

On Saturday, January 11th, 2020 we will be having our first official Rat Blastard meetup in London in the Leicester Square area. If you are interested in attending, contact me so I can include you in the group PSN message where precise details will be shared.

Clan projects for the week of December 19th, 2019:

  • Eliminate True Sons
  • Complete True Sons missions
  • Complete projects
  • Complete challenge missions
  • Loot equipment
  • Kill rogue agents in the DZ
  • Survive manhunts in the DZ

Colin was #2 on the leaderboard this week, though apparently I spent far too much time playing this week (again) and got the #1 spot.

While Cassie was offering Pyromanic last night for a brief time, it looks like our clan vendor wants in on the act, and he's much easier to find. The one he's selling has a base damage of 11,852, and has Accurate and Protected Reload talents in addition to Perfectly Ignited.

TJ caught this picture of a flare launch during a recent Camp White Oak mission run.

This was Westi's first raid run, and with him filling our last empty seat, we had yet another full clan member group. We started about 8:20PM GMT.

Feeling festive before tidal basin.

Clan member TJ has been very busy making videos showing how to get trophies in the offsite missions. Members of the clan feature prominently.

Clan projects for the week of December 12th, 2019:

  • Complete Hyena missions
  • Eliminate Hyenas
  • Secure control points
  • Loot crafting items
  • Craft items
  • Domination wins
  • Domination headshot kills

Between chasing apparel event keys and compulsive shepherd rank grindings, I managed to top the board, though not by much. Wally was a close second with over 20 million XP earned. Lots of clan activity this past week and a lot of progress on the clan projects meant we got a silver cache reward.

Wednesday night at 11:30 PM CET there were enough Rat Blastards on to do a raid run. But one of those Blastards had to get up early for work, so we had special guest Yovideogames2017 join us once again. It took us about an hour to basically laugh and shout our way to a successful completion.

In the spirit of Zardmas and to all my active Rat Blastards, please enjoy the gift of a Silent Night apparel key from yours truly. I think it will be in your mailbox? I'm not exactly sure how it works. I hope you like what you get when you use the key, because no refunds!

The maintenance for Title Update 6.1 is well underway. The new version of the game is available for download, but the server maintenance window has been extended twice from the initial four hours (starting at 08:30 GMT) to six hours, to currently nine hours.

On an unrelated note, I hear Massive is looking for more Quality Assurance and DevOps folks...

Update! As of 4:50 PM GMT the servers are up and working!

We had the full group gathered on time for Raid #8 at 8:00PM GMT. We finally got everyone settled and into the helo 18 minutes after that. This run was a full clan raid, with TJ returning to active duty. This run was our best yet, taking 51 minutes without a single wipe.

We have one new member and one member departing. Please give a warm Blastard welcome to our newest member, MrAmazing8283, who brings our official clan count of Davids to two.

Heidi (voidxngel) has left the clan. We now have 23 clan members, 15 of which are active, 5 inactive and 3 emeritus.

Title Update 6.1 will be available December 10th, 2019. With it we will get the "Situation: Snowball" which contains the "Silent Night" apparel event.

Clan projects for the week of December 5th, 2019:

  • Outcast missions
  • Outcasts eliminated
  • Propaganda broadcasts
  • Projects completed
  • Items deconstructed (already completed!)
  • DZ rogue kills
  • Conflict matches

Wally was our lead experience earner this week, by a several million. Well done, Wally. We still were shy of that silver clan cache, though.

No new members since the last update. Jess reached world tier 5 so hopefully she'll be able to join on a raid run soon.

We now have 23 members, 14 of which are currently active.

Raid #7 started about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of 9:30PM GMT, due to some networking issues affecting Kirk and Liz. We were short a clan member for a full team, but luckily Liz came through with a guest, Blueface-Kid, who did an admirable turn on his first discovery raid run. This run was our best yet, with no wipes, and taking just a little over an hour to complete.