Clan News

Shawn crushed it this week with an amazing 106 million XP, taking the top space on the leaderboard and earning two legacy apparel cache keys. Leo was in second place with an impressive 82 million XP and earned a legacy apparal cache key. Dave B. wasn't far behind Leo, with over 74 million XP.

As of last night on August 25th, our clan was in the top 1,000 clans for XP earned! Well done, Blastards!

We were clan 998 last night, and as of now, we are 996. I suspect we will continue to gradually rise among the ranks.

Last week was a mess because of an issue that prevented clan XP from being reported correctly. Not only did the in-game leaderboards not work until Tuesday, but progression to the clan reward cache didn't count either. Because of this, we only earned a silver reward cache, the first time we didn't earn a gold cache in a long time.

Saturday's raid was a full clan discovery raid run, with two first time raid participants: Dave B. and Shawn. The raid started about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and was completed successfully, with a no wipes in about an hour. Actual time in boss encounter combat, though, was a mere 27 minutes.

Leo was once again in second place by earning almost 73 million XP, followed by Dave (NY) in third place with almost 52 million XP. I earned a bit over 82 million, securing first.

Leo and Dave (NY) earned a legacy cache key for their efforts, and everyone in the clan receives a gold clan reward cache as well. The clan is currently listed at #1,086 for clan XP earned.

Please welcome our newest member, Dave B. (davidbeaumont467). Let's give him a warm Blastard welcome.

With Dave B. joining us, the clan now has 37 clan members, of which 21 are active. There's some clean up of inactive members pending, and details of members set to be delisted are below the fold, along with some member news.

The Huntsman League event has started. As with prior league events, we will be earning stages by speed-running specific missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills. The base difficulty for missions is hard, with one challening mission. The theme for this mission are the missions that were involved in finding Huntsman: eastern D.C. missions.

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold.

Leo came in 2nd place with over 92 million XP, followed by Dave (NY) in 3rd place with over 84 million XP. I managed to break the record with close to 133 million XP, secure the number one spot.

Sadly, still no apparel key prizes, since the apparel event is going on. I did, however, get around to reporting this issue, since apparently, it's a bug.

Today starts the next phase in the Hornet Manhunt, with this week's target being Huntsman. Huntsman activities are based in East D.C., and XP will be doubled for the next seven days, until you earn 15 levels.

Please welcome our newest member, Shawn (Zaksbaen)! Shawn is on U.S. east coast time, and has clocked over 700 hours of Division 2 time. Please give him a warm Blastard welcome.

With Shawn's addition, the clan has 36 members, of which 21 are active.