Clan News

Ron was on top of the leaderboard with almost 51 million XP. Bruno was in third place with over 41 million XP, just a few million behind me in second place with almost 47 million XP.

I've added some links to our guides page:

I've also updated the raid planning page to indicate we've paused regularly scheduled raids for the moment.

The Home League event has started. As before, event consists of earning stages by speed running select missions on certain difficulties, and accumulating certain types of kills against a faction. This league event is all about Cleaners, so that means get on the helo, agent, it's off to New York we go!

Mission details, times and target objective are below the fold

Dave (NY) was first place on the XP leaderboard this week, with over 50 million XP earned. I was only 150,000 XP behind him in second place, followed by Bruno with almost 46 million XP.

The clan once again easily earned a gold clan reward cache. Great job, Blastards!

No records were broken this week, but once again the clan earned a lot of XP, and unlocked a gold clan reward cache. Dave (NY) came in second place with 44 million XP, followed closely by Bruce with 40 million. I had just a bit more than Dave (NY), with 46 million XP.

The clan is currently ranked at 1,423 out of 121,301 clans for experience earned, putting us in the top 2%.

Paul, Ron, and Quinn were promoted to Agent status. If you haven't had a chance to run with any of them, you are missing out.

The clan currently has 41 clan members, of which 27 are active.

Raid #30 was a clan discovery raid run, with two non-clan member guests, mrpeprah and Nebodude, joining us. The raid started 25 minutes after the scheduled start time as we tried to filled some empty seats, and was completed successfully, with a no wipes in under 47 minutes.

The three most active Blastards this week earned more than 200 million XP combined. Ron broke last week's record with over 92 million XP. Miss Kitin came in second with 62 million, followed closely by Dave (NY) with 60 million.

TJ, our resident trophy hunter and video maker, recently released three new videos focusing on some of the trophies available in the Warlords of New York expansion, including one that shouldn't really be obtainable for several weeks. But it is!

Title Update 8.5, with a wealth of supposed bug patches for glitchy gear, and many rebalancing adjustments is now available. Full patch notes are here for the curious.

The Northeast League event has started, and this one is all about Hyenas, mostly. There are three challenging mission time trials, one heroic mission time trial, and two cumulative special target goals.

Everybody welcome our newest Rat Blastard and personal friend of David (UK), Aki (yellow_sk8er).

With Aki joining us, the clan now has 41 members, of which 29 are currently active.

Raid #28 was a clan discovery raid run, with one non-clan member guest, Nebodude, joining us. The raid started 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and was completed successfully, with a single wipe on Razorback, in 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Please welcome our newest Rat Blastards, Quinn (MightyQuinn2013) and Paul (bigdonegal). Leo and Colin had the good fortune to spend some time with Quinn, and now he's one of us. Paul is a personal friend of Ron.

Dave (NY) shared a link with me to a more current Google sheet reference that has detailed and generally up-to-date information about weapons, gear, commendations, mods and other useful info. I've updated the guides page to use this link.

Clan projects for the week of April 2nd:

  • Eliminate Black Tusk
  • Secure control points
  • Complete projects
  • Loot equipment
  • Kill NPCs in the Dark Zone
  • Survive Manhunts
  • Kill rogues in the Dark Zone

Another week and another record is broken. Leo earned over 78 million XP this week and took the #1 spot on the leaderboard. Ron came in second with close to 73 million, followed by Evo with over 56 million.