Raid Planning

How raids are organized

If you are interested in raiding, and not currently including in the "RB Division 2 Raid" Playstation party, contact AngriestAlex on the Discord or via PS message to be invited. A lot of communication about raiding will take place in that party.

A raid run is scheduled on Saturdays or occasionally are planned ad-hoc using a combination of Discord and PS Messages. The full schedule is available on our raid scheduling guide page. For regular raid runs, priority is given to people who have completed a regular raid run or who have very strong DPS/crit builds and are very comfortable with heroic/legendary content.

Raid planning methodology:

We will be doing one raid activity a week, with a focus on the new Iron Horse raid, but Dark Hours will be scheduled occasionally as well. Presently we will focusing on Full Iron Horse, but regardless of the mode or raid, the currently raiding schedule available here and the next two scheduled raids are always on the home page. If either of those are out of date, yell at AngriestAlex.

Seat Assignment Process

When there's more clan members than seats for a raid run, the selection process is made by the raid captain, who will try to pick a group with the best combination of experience and strong enough builds.

Updated December 1st, 2022

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