Member Guide

What's Required

Add friends

Make sure you have added AngriestAlex as a friend, and try to add other active clan members as well. At a minimum I'd suggest friending all the clan officers.

Check the in-game clan notifications

Members should also look at in-game clan notifications to keep informed. You can find the in-game clan feed here:

Options > Clan > Feed

What's available


We have a Discord instance available. The Discord is a great way to connect with clan members outside of the game, and a lot of news and tips go there that don't necessarily make it to the web site because of time constraints. Participation on the Discord is strongly encouraged, but not required. If notification fatigue is a concern, you can set it on per-channel basis, as well as turning them off entirely.

The web site

And obviously we have this web site, which includes an RSS feed of the news items for those of us who give a crap about that. There's also a page of useful guides and links to reference information. I love numbers, so we also have detailed stats about our members.

The web app

We've got a web page optimized for mobile use showing who is playing currently, and who has been active recently. It should work fine on iOS and Android devices, and if you make a homepage shortcut, it will behave like a tiny Rat Blastards app.


For information on how we schedule our raid runs, take a look at our raid planning guide. Information about when the next upcoming raids is shown on the home page.

What's fun

Pet Owners

If you've got a pet, send AngriestAlex a photo, and I'll put it up on the Rat Blastards' Mascots page.

How we operate

Joining others

When people want company, they will run with their privacy settings so that clan members can just hop in. Don't be shy! However, when joining other sessions, please keep in mind that member or group may have certain goals they are working on. Joining another's session is a willingness to roll with whatever is happening.


Feel free to invite others to your session when you want help or company as you persue your own goals. Keep in mind that other members may not be able to join at that precise moment, so don't be discourage or take it personally if people don't join in immediately. Invites are more of a way to let others know you'd like company and join in whenever they can.


We're not big on status in our clan, our ranks are purely functional.

  • Recruit New member, probationary period. Usually after two to three weeks of activity agents will be promoted, based on interaction with other clan members.
  • Agent The bulk of our membership.
  • Lieutenant The clan officers who are willing to help with administration and management duties. Being active and being social is essential. This rank has nothing to do with ability. It's more of a responsibility.
  • Commander Really this should be called founder or general manager in our clan. I don't tell anyone what to do here.

Last updated: June 6th, 2022