Division Jargon

Sometimes agents will use terminology in the voice chat that other agents aren't familiar with. Other times it's not clear what something in the game is called. This guide is an attempt to help with that. Please don't hesitate to submit any suggestions or corrections.

Term Source Definition
adds MMO Short for “Additional units.” Used to describe non-boss units that spawn during an encounter.
aggro MMO
Used to describe being the target of a raid boss, indicated with a red eye and the boss name under the player’s name in the team roster. A player can draw aggro by inflicting damage to the boss.
alt MMO Short for “alternate,” it refers to an alternate character, as opposed to the “main” character.
ambushers Division The quasi-faction that consists of bandits using primative weapons. Alternatively: Trash Ninjas.
AOE MMO Area of effect. Used to describe damage or status effects that applied not to a singular target, but an area.
apparel Division Cosmetic items or skins the player can use. Apparel items are purely cosmetic.
armor Division An attribute that lets a player or enemy absorb damage without health being impacted. Not all enemies have armor. Indicated by a white bar over the health bar.
assault Division A basic enemy unit, with no special abilities.
backpack hygiene Rat Blastards To free up space in your backpack by getting rid of loot, by selling it, dismantling or stashing it.
boomer Division
Alternate name for a tank unit, since the tank unit boss for the raid is called “Boomer”. Often used to describe the tank units that try to activate the rocket launchers on the Razorback phase of the raid.
boss Division A named elite enemy. Missions may have one or more bosses, and it’s possible to run into bosses roaming the open world as well.
buff MMO Temporary boost to a character attribute. Enemies can have an armor buff, caused by healers or other special events, which shows as a seperate green armor bar.
burst Division As in “burst DPS.” Best case damage output, disregarding reload times.
chubby Rat Blastards Also “chub”, a nickname for a tank enemy. Not meant to body shame.
chunga Rat Blastards Yet another nickname for a tank enemy.
coathanger Rat Blastards Alternative for spawnbox. Not going to explain the derivation of this one.
cooldown MMO The time before a talent or skill can be used again.
crit Division Short for critical hit. In the Division 2, critical hits occur randomly, based on the player’s critical hit percentage. Not to be confused with weakpoint hits or headshots.
dead Division The status of a player after they go down and are not revived in time. Dead players can still be revived, but during the raid a dead player requires a revive kit, of which each raid member only has one per boss fight.
debuff MMO Opposite of buff. A temporary penalty to a character or enemy attribute.
dog Division Nickname for a Black Tusk warhound.
down Division The initial status when a player runs out of health. In this state, the player will eventually die after a certain amount of time passes or additional damage occurs. When a player is down they can still crawl or delay death. A revive hive can be used to bring a down player back up.
(noun) Damage per second, a unit of measure of the effectiveness of a weapon or a skill. Simple DPS is a combination of the weapon’s damage times the rate of fire per second. Division 2 players refer to burst DPS (damage one magazine can do) and sustain DPS (damage that can be done over a minute, factoring in reload times and magazine size.)

(verb) To inflict maximum damage on a raid boss. Raid bosses either have specific times when they can be damaged, or must be damaged in a measured way. When a player calls out “DPS” it means all available players should do as much damage as possible.
elite Division An enemy with a yellow health bar. Elites do more damage and have better armor, but are affected by the “Damage to elites” attribute. An elite with a name is a boss.
EMP Division Abbreviation for electro-magnetic pulse. A status effect that blocks skill usage and freezes mechanized units. Can affect the player from stationary EMP generators which persist until destroyed, EMP grenades deployed by enemies, or the destruction of a Black Tusk warhound. In addition, players can cause the EMP effect with Technician EMP grenades or with the EMP pulse skill.
engineer Division An enemy unit that can deploy a proxy, such as a turret or in the case of the Black Tusk, a minitank. Indicated with a wrench icon. Also called a controller, fixer, mechanic or engineer.
fixed gun Division (Also “fixed weapon”) A manually operated turret that acts like a powerful LMG. Ammunition is unlimited but the weapon can overheat.
foamer Rat Blastards Alternate name for a True Sons immobilizer enemy unit.
gear Division An item the player can wear that is functional, as opposed to apparel. There are six types of gear: mask, body armor, backpack, gloves, holster and knee pad.
health Division The attribute of a player or enemy that goes down when taking damage when armor is exhausted. Note that some types of damage ignore armor, like poison. When health reaches zero, the player goes down. Enemies armor is shown as a colored bar that matches their general class: red for normal, purple for veterans and yellow for elite or named enemies.
heavy Division An enemy unit that uses an LMG. These enemies are heavily armored and can lay prone. Very dangerous to players out of cover. Not to be confused with a tank.
immobilizer Division True Sons enemy unit that uses riot foam to trap players. Also called a “foamer.” Other names used: chem unit.
johnny-5 Rat Blastards Alternative name for a mini-tank. A reference to the robot character of Short Circuit.
kite MMO To lead a mob around so that other players can attack it more effectively.
loot MMO Generically any items you can pick up. However it can be useful to be more specific, since not all players care about picking up materials, supplies or trinkets.
main MMO A character that a player uses the most and has the highest level and/or best build.
mats MMO Short for “materials”, used to refer to crafting material.
medic Division An enemy unit that can heal and revive other enemies. Can also throw EMP grenades that can block player skill use, or cause damage. See web-dub.
minitank Division Robot Black Task unit that has treads, and either a powerful machine gun or grendade launcher. Explodes when destroyed.
mod Division Short for modification. Division 2 has three types of mods: weapon mods, gear mods and skills mods.
noob Rat Blastards A clan alternative for regular (red) enemy units.
NPC MMO Non-player character: computer controlled opponents or story entities.
perk Division An ability which isn't caused by talents, gear or weapon usage. Can be unlocked with SHD tech, Dark Zone levels or specialization points.
proc MMO Short for “programmed random occurence,” refers to when talents trigger, even when those talents trigger deterministically and not randomly.
pull MMO When only part of a team advances into an area to cause a spawn or scripted event, and then regroups with the rest of the team.
PVE Division Player versus environment: refers to cooperative game play, where the goal is to kill NPCs.
PVP Division Player versus player: refers to competitive game play against other players, such as Dark Zone or Skirmish.
regular Division Basic units with no special abilities, which are indicated in red. Also called “noobs” or “grunts.”
respec MMO Changing the point allocation of a talent tree, such as a specialization or dark zone perks.
RPG Division An enemy unit equipped with a rocket launcher.
roll Division The random aspects of a piece of gear or a weapon, taken as a whole. A “god roll” is an unusually exceptional set of attributes or talents.
rusher Division An enemy unit that uses close range weapons, usually melee or shotguns. These units have a lightning bolt icon.
sniper Division Enemy unit that uses a marksman rifle or crossbow with exploding bolts. Shown with a target reticle icon.
spawn MMO When enemies appear in an area, usually from doors or areas players cannot use.
spawnbox Rat Blastards To trap and kill most, if not all, enemies in a spawn area.
stack Division When two or more attribute modifiers are additive.
supplies Division Food, water or components. Supplies can be given to control points.
tank Division Heavily armored enemy unit. Can be equipped with a chain gun, flamethrower, grenade launcher, chainsaw or a sledgehammer.
talent Division A special ability of a weapon or gear item. There are two variety of gear talents: active, which must be “procced” and have a cooldown, and passive, which are always in effect. Gear talents can also be unique talents, which means their benefits do not stack with other pieces that have the same talent. There are four varieties of gear talents: active, handling, holstered and equipped. Note that weapon can have a holstered talent, or an equipped talent, but not both.
tar mortar Rat Blastards The specialized turret of the Cleaner faction. Shoots out flaming tar, which acts like riot foam, but is on fire. As much fun to experience as it sounds.
thrower Division Enemy unit that throws grenades, indicated with a grenade icon.
trash ninja Rat Blastards Clan name for ambushers, the bandits that run around with bow and arrows and trash can lid shields.
trinket Division A non-weapon or non-gear item found in a container that isn’t a crafting material or supply. These can be sold but should generally be kept and used to complete projects, which require them on occasion.
veteran Division An enemy with a purple health bar. Veteran units will have armor, but are not as strong or durable as elite units.
warhound Division Robot Black Tusk unit which has four legs and a powerful sniper cannon. Also referred to as a “dog.” Causes a brief EMP pulse when destroyed which affects both enemy and players.
wipe Division
When all players die during a mission or raid section. Causes the team to rollback to last checkpoint. During the raid this is often done intentionally when a section is going poorly (“Let's wipe.”) to reset from the start of the encounter. Heroic missions only have a checkpoint at the final boss, so a wipe resets the entire mission, adding risk.
wub-dub Rat Blastard A deployed enemy EMP device, usually a grenade, but not exclusively so. An EMP that causes damage and flashes red instead of white is called a “pain wub-dub”. The name is a reference to the noise the device makes.

Division “Official” terminology, as used in the game or material from Massive
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