We have a Rat Blastards Discord instance. You can download the Discord app for

When you launch the app you'll need to create or log into your existing Discord account.

Once you've logged into an account, hit the plus sign icon on the left side of the app to join our server. You'll be asked for the invite url, which is:

You can copy and paste the link above, or merely type in

  • gZDY8q4

People on our Discord

Sometimes it might not be obvious who is who on the Discord, so here's a reference.

Discord Name Clan Member PSN ID
Abraxas Bas zombiewereld
André March André AMBlackwater
AngriestAlex Alex AngriestAlex
Badger47 Ant Sleeping_Badger4
DaveNY Dave (NY) MrAmazing8283
fumpthCT Colin fumpth
Infringer Kirk Infringer___
Liz aka Bavmorda Liz Bavmorda421
Revelation Foivos Revinstyle
Stoka Marijan SgtStoka
TakaraMUC Conny Alex's wife
turpinator1986 Amy turpinator1986